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Our Research Policy

We are very interested in helping you get started
with your Pine County Genealogy
and while we will be happy to check our
local resources and to make suggestions
for your research, we regret we can not
perform in-depth research for you.
All our research is done on a volunteer basis by
members of the Pine County Genealogical Society.

We don't charge for helping with your research,
but donations are greatly appreciated.

Our membership dues are:
$10 per year for an individual,
$15 per year for a family.
Dues are collected in January of each year.

Our mailing address:

Pine County Genealogical Society
61715 Beaver Tail Road
Askov, MN  55704

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Lyn Johnson, President

Rose Mielke, Vice President

Paul Olesen, Treasurer

Al Johnson, Secretary

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